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17. november 2022 | Netherlands Embassy

500 years ago Dutch farmers were invited to Denmark for their innovative agricultural skills. Today the two Kingdoms continue to build on this partnership: they have the highly specialized expertise to solve global challenges together and improve food systems through sustainable agriculture.

This partnership is especially important since today's challenges in the agricultural sector are better solved together than alone. That is why the Dutch Embassy in Denmark invited innovative companies who cooperate on solving these challenges to the NL pavilion at Agromek.

Meet the companies here:

AgriBioSource is positioned at the center of the organic residual materials market’s network. By coordinating the supply and demand of suppliers and buyers, AgriBioSource fulfils a bridging function between the two.

Bosch Beton
Bosch Beton produces and sells concrete retaining walls for civil engineering and the agricultural sector. They develop sustainable retaining wall solutions customised to every situation or challenge.

CowManager has revolutionized the world of cow management systems with the active ear tag technology. It maximizes profit by monitoring your cow’s health, nutrition and location with impressive accuracy.

Pixelfarming Robotics
Pixelfarming offers an alternative approach for implementing digital technology and robotics in agriculture. They design and manufacture advanced agricultural robots to support biodiverse farming.

Protix is market leading company in circular, natural and sustainable proteins from insects. Their mission is to bring the food system back in balance with nature.

Royal GD
Royal GD is a leading organisation in animal health and animal production. Their research facilities and veterinary expertise support customers worldwide.

Veenweide Innovatie Centrum (VIC) & Dutch National Research Programme on Greenhouse Gases in Peatlands (NOBV)
VIC & NOBV stimulate innovation and conduct research in the Dutch peatland area, examining a range of measures and situations.

The Schippers Group
The Schippers Group empowers livestock farmers to optimize farm hygiene, eliminating the need for antibiotics while increasing animal health and profitability.

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Netherlands Embassy

Denmark and the Netherlands have strong long-standing ties between when it comes to politics, culture, economy and trade. Together we find common approaches to global challenges, such as climate change, energy and water. The Embassy of the Netherlands in Denmark promotes this strong cooperation, especially in the areas of energy, maritime, smart cities, agrifood and tech. Furthermore, we assists Dutch companies looking for market opportunities in Denmark.

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